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In a controversial move, the BBC have confirmed that a sex scene from an upcoming episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day will not be broadcast in the UK.

According to The Sun the clip, which is expected to air on in the US, shows Captain Jack sleeping with a barman.

“It wasn’t that it was a gay scene that worried people, but just the fact that it was such an explicit sex scene full stop,” one insider explained. “You can get away with scenes like that on American cable channels, but you can’t on primetime BBC One.

A spokesperson for the BBC announced that this is not the only scene to be cut, adding that a violent moment later in the series will not be shown in the UK either. They point out that UK viewers will not be missing out on key plot developments, “The UK and US versions of Torchwood are slightly different. However, these differences do not change the story in any way and the strong storylines are first and foremost to the series.”

What do you think of the decision to cut these clips?

  • Happyhippogriff

    In general, I trust the UK judgement on what material is inappropriate better than I trust the US.

    • http://twitter.com/BmVc1 Brandon

      There is no such thing as inappropriate.

  • Tristan402

    a different country. a different society. different standards of what is acceptable. nuff said.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm… this is the Sun so i’ll believe it when I see it and bearing in mind we seem to be more ok with showing the sex in Skins than America, although to be fair that isn’t paticularly explicit

  • WizardGirl101

    I guess I’m okay with this, even though I won’t be able to see it until it’s on Netflix, unless it’s put on BBC America, due to the fact that my parents are pretty big prudes when it comes to my sister and I seeing sex on TV and in movies…

  • Jazz

    Because we (Americans) are really into Gratuitous sex scenes when it comes to cable channels. Take a look at True Blood and such. When it gets to all the other channels though, it’s a no go. The difference between BBC and American Cable Networks is funny, so you can have a bit of nudity in basically any show but you wouldn’t really see stuff that happens on Entourage or TB happen in BBC shows. So it’s no surprise to me really.

  • Jennifer S

    I hope at least that the UK viewers will be able to see the uncut version at some point. DVD? It does stink that they have to make it different.

    • dubcars101

      In the US its un-cut

  • Guest

    Call me a prude or whatever but good for the BBC. Two guys making out/having sex…. gross. It’s your life but keep that shit to yourselves and behind closed doors. I don’t want my kids watching/seeing it and as you can read here in the comments, kids are watching, behind their parents backs if necesary, so claims of harmlessness are bull as well. You don’t tell me what’s ok for my kids.

    • Ben Ryan

      pathetic prick!

  • TarynM

    I guess part of me doesn’t really have a problem with it because I’m in the U.S. anyway so I’m not missing out. But even if the U.S. cut it too, that’s alright. Sure, it’s easy to be a little envious of someone who’s getting an extra bit of your fandom (I know I’m jealous when the U.K. gets Doctor Who episodes or video games first). But really, we live in a world where everything is on the net, just torrent the episodes and watch the uncut version that way. Also, I’m sure it’ll be on the DVD so no worries.

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