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Jason Momoa talks to Entertainment Weekly about playing Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, his reaction to the finale and more!

Beware of finale spoilers!

In the interview Momoa talks about playing Drogo and how much he loves the character:

When I read that Khal Drogo role, I was blown away. I couldn’t believe it was happening, I had to have that role. I was like, ‘Nobody is going to take that role from me.’ [...] People say it’s easy [to play the role] — ‘You’re just sitting there!’ But it’s extremely hard to be extremely intimidating, and say everything but not say anything.

Of course, while he is thankful for his time on the show, Momoa wasn’t happy with his character’s early exit:

I was reading it and I was like: ‘Holy s–t! F–k, I’m dead!’ [...] It’s amazing what [George R.R. Martin] sets up. Here’s your lead characters, you’re supposed to think about them one way, and you hate them, then you love them, and then they’re killed and it’s a whirlwind of emotion. All the little kids and even the smallest of characters just grow and grow and grow. He built a beautiful world. I’m bummed I’m not going back. To play Khal Drogo was phenomenal and I wished there was more stuff he could have done, I’m going to miss that character.

We’ll miss him too! Luckily we can look forward to watching him in Conan the Barbarian, this summer – a role which Momoa says he got because of Game of Thrones!

Source: Entertainment Weekly.



  • Anna

    I really like Jason Mamoa as Khal Drogo, he was great! But I kindda feel sorry for him, because there’s so many people complaining about Ned’s death and nobody says anything about what a shame it is that he, Khal Drogo, died.

  • Anonymous

    What I love about Game of Thrones is that most of the characters aren’t solidly good or evil, they all have their good and bad points which makes it hard to know who to root for

  • Anonymous

    I thought Khal Drogo was a great character! I was more bummed about his death than Ned’s.

    • Loistank

      Type your comment here.I was disappointed by Khal Drogos death also. How could they let that happen? That was the most awful scene.

  • M Pitchou

    I was so disappointed by Drogo’s death. And I feel like I’m almost the only one! Wanted his relationship with D to develop

  • misswriter18

    Honestly, I cried more during Drogo’s death than Ned’s. In the end, I felt horrible for Dany and what she was losing. And I truly loved their relationship dynamic: how it went from wariness to a real, compassionate love and admiration for one another. Jason played the role well, and him and Emilia Clarke (Dany) had amazing chemistry. Wow, I didn’t mean for that comment to be so long. =P I just really loved their story, no matter how short it was. 

  • Ackaz47

    khal drogo has important enemy role.. jason act like beast, i was disappointed by drogo’s death also :( look how he…in episode 7 [51:30]

  • Vesmarijan

    I think his death supposed to be meaningfull. He had great power, but on the other side he was cruel. His life meant a lot to Daenerys so as other people lives to their families. In the end he’s just a human being and that’s all philosophy.

  • Lilly Hawk

    I absolutely feel that Drogo should NEVER been written out!!! He was a major presence and developed his role beautifully. I liked Ted also, but Drogo’s “death” hit me right between the eyes! I STILL haven’t gotten past it…

    Find a way to bring him back to Khalissi and us!!!!

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