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We are getting reports that Lionsgate – the makers of the Hunger Games films – are considering extending the original trilogy. Read more after the fold.

Deadline posted the following bit of interesting information earlier:

Lionsgate executives told Wall Street analysts this morning to expect big things from The Hunger Games, a series of four action films that the studio will release from the trilogy written by Suzanne Collins. COO Joe Drake said it was “the highest selling film we’ve ever had” at the Cannes Film Festival and that overseas exhibitors consider it “the movie that can change their company.” Although Lionsgate wouldn’t disclose its budget for the films, Drake says Hunger Games could become an “outsized success” for Lionsgate. The studio says it bought the rights before the books became runaway best-sellers, and it has “retained the majority of the upside” in its talent and distribution deals.

This is big news regarding the Hunger Games movies; whether Lionsgate will write an entirely new story or make one of the movies into 2 parts remains unclear. However, they clearly have high expectations for the franchise.

What are your thoughts on a forth Hunger Games movie?

  • Jeff

    It cool be really cool. I thought the book series was kinda quick with only 3 short books

  • FilmGirl27

    Oh no…

  • http://twitter.com/josephheskett Joseph Heskett

    I think it’s a decent idea although seeing as they were quick/short books, I wonder how it’ll affect the the content/split of the previous two books/films.

  • http://twitter.com/josephheskett Joseph Heskett

    I think it’s a decent idea although seeing as they were quick/short books, I wonder how it’ll affect the the content/split of the previous two books/films.

  • Jamie

    -.- Can companies please stop doing this? They’re just turning it in to another cash cow

  • Jamie

    -.- Can companies please stop doing this? They’re just turning it in to another cash cow

    • Anonymous

      I hope that the first movie is like PoA, OotP, or HBP so people can see how nessecary it is to split all of the movies. Why would you object to it? I can see people objecting to Twilight being objected. But Hunger Games? THERE ARE NO VAMPIRES or WEARWOLVES! There is no way to get all three books turned into three movies. They can still all be three hours and suck. They might as well cut out the outfit, the interviews, President Snow, and then make the movie. They will just recite lines as having any emotion would take too much time. And all the action will be dulled down so the movie can be 2 and a half hours and get rated G. I mean seriously what do you want? In the third film, they might as well just cut out everything until the final battle. We will all be satisfied with that right? 8 films is extremely necessary.

  • Anonymous

    The books are pretty short, they can easily do a movie for each. But well…at least they are action packed, something Breaking Dawn isn’t.

  • Gracie

    The actors are too old. By the time they’ve finished shooting the ’4th’ movie they would all be in their mid twenties, some even older. I personally don’t think it’s a good idea, they’re in it of course for the money probably based of how successful the final Harry Potter movie was split into 2 movies and probably also how well Breaking Dawn as two parts will probably do.
    Stick to 3 movies like the books!!

  • Arely Mellark

    Did anyone see the picture of Jennifer Lawrence dressed as Katniss on Yahoo News? http://blog.movies.yahoo.com/blog/1432-unrecognizable-jennifer-lawrence-hits-hunger-games-set

  • AnnieD14

    why is everyone doing this? The books can easily be adapted into a movie each and still have most of the story! I just dont know…they are really going to have to sell this for me!

  • Undesirable15

    Alright with the seventh Harry Potter this worked because its a 700 page book with so much information inside it. Breaking Dawn i dont like tht they’re splitting it but i guess it could work. But Mockingjay is too short to be split simple as tht. The movie wouldnt be as good as in two parts. Plus as someone else pointed out the actors are already pushing the limit on age as it is if they extend this longer the actors would look waayy out of character.

  • Undesirable15

    Wait this just occurred to me. What if they did a prequel? Like made a movie about how Panem got under the control of the Capitol and why they have the Hunger Games. Tht could work

  • Wil

    What the hell?! This movie’s already ruined with the cast so why not make it worse, Lionsgate?

    • Chellearia

      Are you kidding? The cast looks great.

  • Alvispotter

    Haven’t read them, so cant comment on this just yet. I loved they did it for potter and i shall see for the hobbit, but they aren’t even sure hunger games will be the sucess they meant it to be, so they shouldn’t get ahead of themselves

    • Kfontaine21

      That’s true too…

    • http://twitter.com/ScottyBishop Scotty Bishop


  • Taylie27

    The only way i think that it could work is if they made a prequel movie, about the war that caused the 12 districts. Otherwise if they plan on one of the books into two i might bocott the movies now. Harry Potter split because the last book is huge and couldn’t have fit everything and explained everything. I think that splitting Breaking Dawn into two is going to completely distroy that series. You can tell right now there going to split it at Reneesme. The plot to breaking dawn won’t be able to take the break as well. And now the Hobbit is going to be two movies. At least a lot happens in that book. Really the studio should wait to see how the first movie goes before they make plans for sequels.

    • Kfontaine21

      That would actually be a reeeeeeeaaalllllyyyy good idea!!!!!

  • Kfontaine21

    I don’t know about this… if they make a fourth movie of like the afterward, then they could completely alter the ending… which isn’t necessarily a bad thing since I was routing for Gale the entire time and then he dropped of the face of Panem… but still, I’d know the real ending, and I don’t want them to change it, because they don’t have the right to…

  • Guest

    Is this really confirmed? What if it’s just a typo…

    • Jeb

      I agree. It seems strange that they would already be planning for a fourth movie when they haven’t even seen if the first one will be a success. It is probably a mistake.

  • Rose

    What is the deal!

     Just because Harry Potter is doing it, Breaking Dawn is doing it and The Hobbit is doing it does NOT mean we all need to jump on the bandwagon and start spiting every damn book series. Its ridiculous! I am not too sure about this because I think the content in these books can be summed up in one film. I think this is more about money then anything else and its pretty upsetting.

    I have been going over the last book in my head and I just cant understand HOW they would split this and make this seem like a “for the fans” kinda thing. All I can see is some stupid cliffhanger and….what?

    I just don’t think you need a 2 film fort of thing.
    It can be done in maybe a 3hour film.

  • elena

    Please, NO. I hope it’s not true, especially since not even one movie is out yet.

  • Cora

    There were rumours about a prequel previously and I’m hoping this is what it is. 

  • Kat J.

    Argh. So frustrating. I just recently read the books myself and like everyone seems to be saying, it would NOT make sense to split any of the books into two movies. There simply isn’t enough content. With Harry Potter it made sense, it was a long book with lots going on. But with Mockingjay? I don’t think so. Too short, not enough content. I wouldn’t be opposed to a prequel, but would rather see the book first, and even how the first movie comes out! We’ll just have to see, I guess.

  • hp_otaku

    I agree with most here… I really don’t like that all these other book to movie franchises are trying to copy HP to make more money…  I can see the reason for HP and Hobbit to be split, but I really don’t think Breaking Dawn needed it *at all*, nor does this one.  I might be interested if it turns out to be some sort of prequel…

  • http://twitter.com/Keir_a Keir

    This is so unnecessary if they are splitting the last book. If there is some kind of secret 4 book/prequel that Collins is working on then I say bring it on. But if not just stick to 3 movies people, stop trying to get every dollar you can out of the fans.
    Nothing even says that this movie will do good and even go beyond the first movie. I really hope it does well if they do a good job, but some of these casting decisions and pics we have seen kind of make me worried that they are not taking it seriously enough and are just trying to get “the next big movie” rather than focusing on making a quality movie true to the books.

  • Jazz

    That just annoys me. I mean if they split one of the movies (presumably the third one) and they’ve already decided to do it. BEFORE THE FIRST ONE EVEN CAME OUT?! Seriously? I don’t even think Breaking Dawn needed to be split.

    Harry Potter, yes, and it’s something WB obviously thought long and hard about, considering they had been thinking about it since the 4th movie but decided against it till the 7th, which I think needed to happen.
    But this… ridiculous. I could imagine them thinking this could be a possibility if at least the first had been a huge success already but just because you have a good fan base doesn’t mean you’ll end up with a mega hit. Look at Eragon, The Golden Compass, and Percy Jackson (and many others). All good books with good fan bases that ended up failing. There’s only HP and Twilight that have made it to the big time.

    Now if it was another story…. it’d be different (I remember that talk of a prequel before) but more than anything a split film seems just stupid at this point when they’ve barely started filming.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BBTK7WQCEMY62JH5WYHSKT5DGM Jessica

      I definitely agree with you! I can see why Harry Potter was split, and that was kind of necessary. Breaking Dawn didn’t need to, but they probably just want to get more money from doing that. And now Hunger Games is too? I mean, I didn’t really enjoy the series so I’m not hugely excited about the movies, but it’s worth checking out. But if they are just going to try to drag it out, then it won’t work on me. 

      I would possibly think about agreeing if it were a prequel, but I’d rather they come out with The Hunger Games first and get reactions before making a prequel. 

      I’m not very excited about this, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • coolcatcheesecake


  • Kiki_schu

    While I agree that Hollywood seems to be making “extra” movies for some books that would adapt perfectly well into single movies (Breaking Dawn), there are some occasions where the second movie will allow them to show details and information that would have to be cut otherwise.  The 7th and 8th Harry Potter movies are a good example of this.  

    Try not to get too upset about why they are adding the additional movie.  Maybe they are going to flesh out the rebellion a little more.  Show some of the stuff that Katniss isn’t aware or part of.  Remember, in Mockingjay, she is unconscious or out of it for a good portion of the revolution.  It would be interesting to see more of the actual fight for Panem.  Give them a chance here, it could be a good thing.

  • Nerdfighter007

    Or the writer just effed up…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001426435099 Louelle van Rens


  • Maygen

    I would like to know if they are splitting a book or if they are writing an entirely new storyline for the fourth movie, until that is determined i think i will withhold judgement. Although this does make me a bit uneasy…

  • Anonymous

    Personally, I think they should make 8 movies. I wanted 8 movies all along. So the news that we are getting FOUR is good. Seriously, all of the books can be split, especially the second and third into two movies. I don’t get why people are complaining – it extends the amount of time; why wouldnt want a 10 year Hunger Games movie release schedule? It makes sure the character and plot developments are shown of film persisely as it is in the book. And you get more! If part one was around 2 hrs and 20 min and part 2 was around 2 hrs, it would be perfect. Look at Harry Potter – it did it PERFECTLY. It looks like Twilight will do it perfectly too. I don’t see how each book can be done with only one movie. It will be another Prisoner of Azkaban or OotP or HBP if you ask me. PoA was around the size of all three of Hunger Games’ too. So you can easily screw that up. Isn’t a character being cut from the films too? Why are people okay with that? They are screwing up OUR books, just like they screwed up HP. Books and films are different, and films should have creative freedom, but that shouldn’t include changing a whole plot point – major or not.

    • http://twitter.com/brookesalmons brooke salmons

      Where would you split the 2nd book into 2 movies and still make either movie any good? Just curious?

      • Anonymous

        For the first book, I would split it after Peeta confesses his love for Katnis publicly. This would allow for a good amount of time developing the characters, having some action while preparing for the games, and getting a good overall story. The second part would focus on the games, and it would be 99.9% action.

        For the second, after it is announced that the 75th Hunger Games will have the previous champions. The first part would be the vicotry tour, which would allow for all of the extra detail – emotion, character development, the funny things, if I were to direct it, I would put extreme focus on the effect of Katnis and Peeta both surviving and the uprising more in the first one. The second one can heavily focus on the games and making the best of the games – 2 hours at best, possibly 10 minutes short of that at SHORTEST for part 2.

        For the third, I would split it after Katnis finds Cienna(sp?). The door would open, revealing them to be alive and the screen would go black. This would set the introduction, character development, the uprising all in the right direction and would have some action. I don’t really remember, but I think this happens after some of the classes/training she has, and after she deleops a frienship with that one “mean” girl. If not, I would personally try to put some emphisis on these – I see them similar in nature to Dumbledore’s memories in HBP that were all cut. I would want to expand the relationships in an interesting way, and I think expanding these would help with Katnis’ overall character.

        The second part would be the conclusion, obviously. I would really emphisise the fight between Peeta and Gale, possibly even exagerating it more than the book does. I think the ending scene(s) need to be perfect. I dont want to see five minutes of Katnis locked up. That does nothing for me. I want to feel the emotion, the confusion, pleasure, shock she has from the effect of killing Snow. I want these to be intense. 5 minutes wont do it. 15 minutes of screaming, flashes of scenes, the rage, exc. might cut it.

        This stuff is so rich. And its ashame its being wasted with 3, 2.5 hour movies.


        • Cmeghan2011

          Your movies would have some ridiculous pacing issues. Any audience at a movie, regardless of how much they adore a series, does not want a two hour film that focuses on just feelings. 15 minutes for Katniss to kill Snow? No, it would be horribly boring. Thoughts are extremely hard to convey on film, and I can understand why the movies are going to focus more on action and the romance. Those sell. Emotions don’t. If you want character development and for the plot to remain intact, skip the movie and read the book again.

      • Anonymous

        I also think slpitting it this way would be good for the fact of the games.

        Part 1: Story
        Part 2: Games (with some story obviously)

        If you think about it, it would work with the 3rd movie also, as the final battle and face off can be considered the “3rd game” we have seen.

        And the fight between Peeta and Gale I mean is the one with Katnis
        as she chooses who is best for her. Similar to the nature of Edward or Jacob in Twilight.

    • Undesirable15

      I see where you’re coming from and all but think about it Jennifer Lawrence is already 5 years older than Katniss so if they had a ten year movie series she’d be like 30 playing a 17 year old girl. Yeah i know it was an exaggeration but still even one split isnt good. With Harry Potter it worked because there was soooo much that happened leading up the split it was a huge book i mean there was action right from the get go from the Seven Potters all the way to Malfoy Manor. With Breaking Dawn yeah it was a long book but not a lot happened. Ok if you split it at the violent birth you only have what in the first part? A wedding, Edward and Bella getting weird on their honeymoon, and Jacob getting pissed and forming his own pack. If you split the Hunger Games before the Games even started it would be a pretty dull movie and just a way to get money. Split Catching Fire again the only reasonable place to split it is before the games and yeah a lot more happens before the Games than in the first book but still it’ll be kinda a dull movie without the Games. Mockingjay i guess you could split and it would be ok but really anywhere to split it would be a bit too big of a cliffhanger. I mean yeah Peeta strangling Katniss was a great cliffhanger when you could just turn the page but imagine waiting months to figure out what the hell was going on. Splitting it at the prep team wouldnt be a big enough cliffhanger i mean yeah it was insane in the books because we loved them as much as Katniss but i honestly dont think the movies would be able to get us to love them enough to care tht they’re abused. Any split in any of these short books would just be ways to make money.

      • Anonymous

        If they film the way they filmed/are filming Breaking Dawn (and started like tomorrow), they would have all six movies shot by the end of 2013. And I don’t really have any opinion of Breaking Dawn. At this point, it will either be good or bad. I think splitting all of the HG films would result in the Deathly Hallows movie again (dull first part, action packed second part) but despite some minor changes, the DH movie was good (compared to the book). With a creative touch, there is someone in Hollywood, like Steven Speilburg or Michael Bay that could make the first part good in quality, story, and action…. not that I want them to touch the series, just an example. The first and second books being split would be pretty dull, but the third would be almost like HP – there is action, and then there is story. The only reason why people were bored with HP was because it was story – basically, they had 4 movies worth of hardcore plot to make up while sticking to the book, have the movies all flow, and have the plot of the book similar to the movie, and throwing it all at an audiance within 2.5 hrs is a bit overwhelming when your at the penultimate movie. It should be spread out for appreciation of the story, have it balance out the action and boring parts so we don’t get it all at once. I reall yhope one movie/book series learns from the mistakes of HP. At least all the HG books are out XD

        everything. Don’t just give it to us all at once.

  • HGfanatic

    Please, please, please. DON”T DO IT!!! these books do not need it at all. in fact, I could see putting MOckingjay and Cathching Fire together. And if they do a prequel, then I’d like to see it as a book first.

    • No-email

      how would they put mockingjay and catching fire together? i mean, i know catching fire has a cliffhanger, but, to me, they come off as two very different feeling stories. how would you blend them into one?

  • Gabby

    Okay….I think they’re getting ahead of themselves. There’s no guarantee the movie will be successful. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to see it or not.

  • http://imnomuggle.wordpress.com Im_No_Muggle

    I do NOT agree with this… is this the new thing to do with every large sucessful book franchise? All three books are a fine length to create three movies without splitting one in half. And if they create a new storyline… that would be extremely unacceptable to me.

  • nodaybut2day7

    Oh my goodness this is getting ridiculous! Harry Potter NEEDED to be
    split. Breaking Dawn not so much! Movie Studios are just trying to cash
    in. The Hunger Games would be perfectly fine movies (as far as time and
    story lines go) in THREE movies! This aggravates me greatly…. I really hope they keep it to 3!

  • Noemail

    i wonder if they’re just going to split mockingjay into two films, or take the entire content of the series and not cut according to the books at all to produce these “four action films”?

  • 7Starrchasers

    why are people so surprised??? I was expecting this ages ago…as long as the fourth movie is not a prequel…im happy…

  • Sinny

    I’m into to it. Catching Fire could be a 2 part movie..

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows could have been split into 3 parts and I’d be happy with it.

    Breaking Dawn really only needed one movie (there is A LOT they could’ve cut out from the source material but w/e Summit is all about the money).

  • Anonymous

    …..  So first off, Breaking Dawn didn’t need to be split. If Hunger Games jumps on that bandwagon I will be really irritated.  And I don’t see any further storyline that could be written given how the last book ended.  Soooo..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Taylor-Elizabeth/546339640 Taylor Elizabeth

    Please, not another two-part movie……

  • Fordy


  • Anonymous

    Okay, 3 films I could understand. But four is just too many. They’re obviously just trying to make money and have very high expectations for the franchise.

  • bridget

    wow i guess every series is taking harry potters idea oh well i just hope that they don’t write a new story it wouldn’t be right

  • Anonymous

    i think because the premise is unique enough they have room to expand the storyline into something else… not necessarily split it… from as much as I’ve read so far lol

  • Chellearia

    I personally think this is a good idea mostly because the end of the third book felt rushed to me. It was as though she was trying to make to the same length as the other two when it would have benefited better to have drawn out the action more. 
    As far as getting ahead of themselves, I don’t think so. This book is already a phenomenon and I think the fandom will just get larger with the movie releases.

  • http://twitter.com/potterisawesome michael filipovic

    I hope they aren’t splitting it, I hope they do like a prequel of the war or something

  • cam

    So apparently series finales’ now have to be two-parters no matter what, huh?

  • Epic Fail

    This is completely ridiculous.  Sure, Harry Potter did it.  But that’s because DH is a huge book with a ton of content…whereas The Hobbit, Breaking Dawn, and Mockingjay are not.  (Actually, Breaking Dawn could be summed up in a ten-second skit, but that’s another story.)  Lionsgate needs to stop turning their patrons upside-down and shaking every last cent out of their pockets.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1406828948 Nikos Stamatoulakis

    i can’t wait for the movies but i don’t think that a fourth movie will be a good thing!i love the trilogy though!

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