On the official Doctor Who website there is a section called The Fourth Dimension, which contains notes and trivia about the episodes in Season 6. If you look a little closer though, secrets lie within.

Fans have deduced that there is a hidden code buried within. Some of the letter are written in italics which, when put together, form part of a cryptic message. Below are the messages from each of the first 3 episode summaries.

  1. All the secrets you seek can be found here on the Webb
  2. We found your message! you’re alive but what secrets ‘D’you mean my friend?
  3. I mean I glimpsed him! And may the gods help him or perhaps you can.

The latest message, which appeared this week, reads;

To see what I saw click on the spot beyond the Doctor’s home planet.

Clicking on the full stop immediately after the word ‘Gallifrey’ takes you to the following video.

What do you make of these cryptic messages and do you think they will play a part in the Season 6 arc?