Ten Disney villains we love to hate

1:00 pm EDT, November 12, 2012

In the newest Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph (in theatres now) we see just how hard it is to live the life of a baddie. In order to say thanks, here are a few of our favorite Disney villains, along with a few reasons why, despite (or sometimes because of) their evil intentions.

Captain Hook (Peter Pan)


While the classic Disney version may not be as dashing or handsome as the newest incarnation appearing on Once Upon a Time, Captain Hook’s dastardly ways have forever earned him a special place in the pantheon of Disney villains. His vendetta against Peter Pan is almost endearing, especially because Pan almost always seems to get the better of him. His signature hook for a hand sets him apart from your run of the mill baddies, and his determination to settle the score is as adorable as it is deplorable.

Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmations)


This baddie may not have any qualities that make us particularly like her, but she definitely qualifies as a favorite, partly because she is just so unabashedly evil. Her lifegoal? To make a fur coat out of Dalmatian puppies. How wrong is that? Also, her ability to put trust in the dumbest of henchmen makes us question her sanity. Her penchant for black and white withstanding, she is probably one of the most colorful Disney villains of all time. Her mood swings and temper tantrums make it all the more pleasing to see the most adorable dalmatian puppies best her with nothing but a little soot.

Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)


While Gaston does not get nearly as much screen time as many of our other selections, he clearly makes up for it with his enthusiasm and flair for the dramatic. The 1st three quarters of the film portray Gaston as the annoying towns-person that wants to hook up with Belle behind the local tavern, and he almost seems forgettable… until his true colors shine through his greasy exterior. His pursuance of the Beast is entirely selfish and he manipulates everyone to get what he wants. What makes him a favorite, then, do you ask? Why, who couldn’t love a man who eats 5 dozen eggs every morning? Oh, and the antlers!

Hades (Hercules)


This is probably the most well-known villain in Disney history… especially when you factor in he is also one of the Greek gods. Hades certainly has a way with people and words that sets him apart from the other villains. He clearly has a well thought out plan that gets thwarted by less than stellar cronies (yes, we mean Pain & Panic). You have to give it to the guy, he bounces back! When his first attempt goes sour, he has a plan B, C, or D to follow in its stead. You almost feel badly when his final plan goes to hell (okay, pun intended). As if you don’t already love him enough, the guy has flames for hair… How cool is that?

Jafar (Aladdin)


Oh Jafar… where do we even start? As far as evil plots go, his was not exactly well thought out. He’s more of a go-with-the-flow kind of villain, and that clearly backfired. His surprisingly witty one-liners and excellent choice of sidekick (eh hem, pet, eh hem) in Iago definitely helped solidify his position as one of our favorite Disney baddies. A good thought materialized every now and then, but in the end, he was just outsmarted by a dashing street rat with a genie for an ally.

Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)


Perhaps one of the most iconic antagonists in the Disney collection, Maleficent has a unique style to her wickedness. If we bypass the whole she can turn herself into a dragon thing, she has the quiet benevolence that only truly great villains can harness. While Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip turned out to be worthy adversaries (with a little fairy help from Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather), Maleficent wormed her way into our pantheon of favorite villains. Plus, there is always that whole dragon thing. That’s seriously cool.

Scar (The Lion King)


Scar. The only truly non-human on the list (clearly excluding the Greek god and the sorceress) certainly made an impact on the villain scene when The Lion King premiered. He not only killed possibly one of the greatest lions the world has ever seen, but he did it in such an underhanded way that you just can’t help but appreciate the ingenuity it must have taken to conceive and execute such a brilliantly evil plan. If you can look past the hate, Scar may have succeeded if only he hadn’t aligned with the hyenas. There’s always that one fatal flaw, and we’re afraid this was clearly Scar’s. His witty, sharp tongue will always keep him on our favorites list though, no matter how mad at him we are about the whole Mufasa situation.

Ursula (The Little Mermaid)


Ursula may very well have one of the most iconic villain songs of all the Disney baddies. “Poor Unfortunate Souls” is just one of the many remarkable songs on The Little Mermaid soundtrack, but it puts to shame other villain songs (Gaston, anyone?). Ursula nearly gets away with her evil plan, but is felled once again by a seagull, as so many good plans are. Her creepy smile and dedication to her cause are just a few of the reasons that she will always remain one of our favorites.

Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland)


This woman is probably the least likable of the list, as there are very few instances where she says more than, “Off with his head!” However, what she lacks in general likability, she more than makes up for in enthusiasm. Lacking any truly redeeming qualities, the Queen of Hearts is always eager and excitable, which always makes for a good laugh. Plus, who can’t resist quoting her when someone offends you. “Off with his head!”

Mother Gothel (Tangled)


Easily the newest member of this collection of villains, Mother Gothel was responsible for a couple of truly heinous deeds. Poor Rapunzel grew up thinking that this woman was her mother for crying out loud! Stealing babies is definitely a no-no, and trying to chain up their grown counterparts far away from their true loves is just the last straw. Her particular brand of villainy is what is nearly endearing. She may be selfish, but she knows what she wants and will do anything to get it. Tangled is a wonderful addition to the Disney collection, and Mother Gothel is a worthy new member of the favorite Disney villains club.

What do you think? Did we miss your favorite Disney villain?

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The film adaptation of Wicked is currently in production and Stephen Schwartz revealed at Comic Con that the film will feature plenty of new songs!

Warm up those vocal pipes and get your best “Defying Gravity” cape dry cleaned, the Wicked film is gearing up for production at long last! The Broadway hit, currently in its 13th year, has had audiences clamoring for a filmed production since Idina Menzel Kristin Chenoweth brought Elphba and Glinda to life. Now, that dream is becoming a reality, but probably not with the original cast.

At the CW3PR’s 8th Annual Behind-The-Music: Crime, Death and Resurrection Panel at Comic Con, Stephen Schwartz the man behind the music of Wicked appeared to announce that the film will feature songs both old and new. The “old” of course includes songs from the stage production such as “Defying Gravity,” “Popular,” and most likely, “One Fine Day.” But it also includes songs that were written and cut from the production before its Broadway opening.

Winnie Holzman will be writing the screenplay as she also wrote the book to the stage show based on Gregory Maguire’s novel. Stephen Daldry (Billy Elliot) is attached to direct.

You can watch Schwartz’s announcement from the panel below!

Now its time to start some casting speculations! It is my hope that the casting director sticks with strong Broadway talent to carry the roles. The musical has enough of a following to garner a strong viewership, but it also wouldn’t hurt to throw Menzel and Chenoweth in for a cameo or two!

Wicked is expected to hit theaters in December 2019.

U! S! A! U! S! A! A new Fantastic Beasts poster debuting at San Diego Comic-Con has American pride peppered into the design, giving us a hint at the film’s plot.

The film’s official social media channels unveiled Fantastic Beasts’ SDCC poster on Friday morning, just a day before the movie hosts a panel at the conference with the cast and crew. Presumably these posters will be handed out on the show floor, and/or at the Fantastic Beasts event.


There’s a lot to unpack in this poster, which features Newt and a brightly lit “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” sign.

Newt is looking over his shoulder in the middle, holding a wand in one hand and a suitcase (with a beast trying to get out!) in the other. Supporting characters Graves, Jacob, Queenie, and Tina appear in the wings. Also here: Our very first looks at two female characters. We believe the one in the bottom left is Mary Lou, played by Samantha Morton. The guy on the right is Credence played by Ezra Miller.

So what’s with the American flags? They’re not only to remind fans that the movie is set in New York — We believe they’re teasing an election of some sort. The last Fantastic Beasts trailer briefly depicted a political event (See a screenshot below). We’re guessing an election will be taking place over the course of the movie with possible ramifications for the well-being of the North American Wizarding World.


Fantastic Beasts opens this November. Return to Hypable on Saturday to check out our coverage of everything that happens during the movie’s panel!

Have a round, or two, with Lin-Manuel Miranda when he steps in to tell the story of Alexander Hamilton on Drunk History.

Comedy Central is keeping Lin-Manuel Miranda connected to Hamilton for a little while longer by setting the scribe up on the next season of Drunk History to spin another verse about the founding father. The show will concentrate on the rivalry between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton duel that resulted in SPOILER Hamilton’s death.

Hamilton was the first subject that the series took on in season one. With the rising success of the Broadway hit, fans clamored for Lin-Manuel Miranda to give Alexander Hamilton a reprise on the series.

Miranda is not throwing away his shot at telling another version of Hamilton’s decision to throw away his on the shores of New Jersey in 1804. Even though Miranda stepped away from the show on July 9, we expect to see him sticking close to the production for quite a while, especially as the show begins performances across the nation.

Miranda was not the only guest announced for Drunk History‘s fourth season. Joining him will be Aubrey Plaza, Ben Folds, Billie Joe Armstrong, Busy Phillips, Dave Grohl, Ed Helms, Elizabeth Olsen, Josh Charles, Mae Whitman, Michael Cera, Rachel Bilson, and Tony Hale, to name a few.

Raise a glass!


Drunk History returns for its fourth season on Tuesday, Sept. 27 at 10:30 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.